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I Never Walk Alone

This is an unreleased song from the upcoming ‘Chapel Songs’ album. It was inspired by Psalm 139 quite a few years ago. Since that time it’s been a staple of my worship repertoire and often is a requested song. Unlike most of my songs this one has pretty much stayed the same over the years, but now it gets a new treatment. I’m not sure if it’s because of the current season we’re experiencing, but the time just felt right for a remake. Hopefully it continues to strengthen and reassure those who are hurting, doubting, and living in a fearful world.

Album: Chapel Songs – Unreleased
Album: The Twelve

Video Credit: Engin Akyurt / E.M.
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© 2020 Eddy Mann

I never walk alone
You linger by my side
I never walk alone
You are with me

You go before me and follow me
You place Your blessing on my head
You hem me in behind and before
You lay Your hand upon my head

© 2009 Eddy Mann
CCLI #6123440
Hissongs / ASCAP

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Something Beautiful & New

Through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope ~ Rom 15:4

#Hope #Endurance #Encouragement #Lent #Forgiveness

Featuring Kelly Anias
Album: Re:Prize
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© 2010 Eddy Mann
CCLI #6217844
Hissongs | ASCAP

Father please forgive the mess I’ve made
Things have gotten out of hand
Hear my honest heart put forth the truth
It’s time I took a stand

I know my path’s not always straight
I wander on my own
I long to rest upon the word
That always brings me home

Hear my soul cry out to You
Feel my heart reveal its shame
Create in me something beautiful and new
I pray this in Your name I

‘m on a journey to understand
My discipleship to You
Grant me wisdom; guide me to create
Something beautiful and new

© 2010 Eddy Mann
CCLI #6217844
Hissongs | ASCAP

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All That I Am (Official Lyric Video)

The fourth song released from the ‘Love Strands’ project. A song inspired by Psalm 103:2 ‘Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things he does for me.’

Album: Love Strands

Video Credits: E.M.
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© 2019 Eddy Mann

Surely I’ve been delivered
Surely I’ve walked in your grace
Surely I’ve known your favor
Surely I’ve been blessed by the heavens

Surely I’ve slept in peace
Surely I’ve been led to still waters
Surely I’ve known your comfort
Surely I’ve been led to green pastures

Let all that I am shower you with goodness
Let all that I am honor you with praise
May I never forget all the love you’ve poured upon me
Let all that I am be an offering for all of my days

Surely, I’ve been forgiven
Surely, I’ve been made clean
Surely, I’ve known your kindness
Surely, I’ve known goodness and mercy

Oh, that I’d weave your mercies into song
That my jewels of praise would form another crown for your head
That my soul would give off sweet, sweet music
For your mercy endureth forever

© 2019 Eddy Mann

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Romancing the Rails

The romance of train travel is not lost on me. I’ve fallen in love with the rhythm of the rails. In today’s race to rush world, Here’s a glimpse of a relaxed, and simpler time. I invite you to climb aboard and take a deep breath, maybe read that book you haven’t found the time to read, or better yet, just take a nap.

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Romancing the Rails

Romancing the Rails – Canvas Print

Lil Mann

Lil Mann: The AutoTrain

Lil Mann is excited to be arriving ahead of schedule (Proverbs 16:9) #amtrak #autotrain #early #traintravel #tuesday #tuesdaymotivation #tuesdayvibes #amtraktrain #bible #bibleverse

Lil Mann

Lil Mann: Going Cuban

Lil Mann went #Cuban at El Ambia this afternoon. (Mark 12:31) #loveyourneighbor #cubano #fridayvibes #friday #bible #bibleverse #lunch #latelunch #medianoche #batido #melbournefl #brevardcountyfl #florida

Lil Mann

Lil Mann: The Waiting

Lil Mann was up early waiting for me and our devotional time (Proverbs 31:15) #mondaymotivation #monday #devotions #devotionals #waiting #proverbs #bible #bibleverse #early #earlyriser #melbournebeachfl #florida #brevardcountyfl