King of Creation

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Hi Friends,

My prayer is that this months’s song will comfort and strengthen you as you continue along your journey.

Beautiful Savior
King of Creation
Son of God and Son of Man
Truly I’d love Thee
Trust I’d serve Thee
Light of my soul, my Joy, my Crown

Fair are the meadows
Fair are the woodlands
Robed in flowers of blooming spring
Jesus is fairer
Jesus is purer
He makes our sorrowing spirit sing

King of Creation
We praise Your name

Beautiful Savior
Lord of the nations
Son of God and Son of Man
Glory and honor
Praise adoration
Now and forevermore be Thine

~ Joseph Seiss, Eddy Mann

Call me, text me, tweet me, message me, email me, write me… we’ve been brought together by God for a reason.

As always, remember you can send an anonymous email to for prayers and encouragement.

Pray on,

 March Notebook

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The new month includes some time in Key West to catch up with the family Conchs that I haven’t seen in a few years. And the road down will allow for a visit with an artist friend which prayerfully will bear fruit in the form of a live or future in studio podcast. Stay tuned!

I’ve created a Spotify playlist that shares my ever changing soundscape called ‘The State of Mann.’ Please feel free to join me by following it. On my reading list this past month has been Margaret Feinberg’s ‘Taste and See,’ a global culinary and spiritual adventure in discovering God among butchers, bakers, and fresh food makers, that to this point has been a savoring experience.

Homeward Bound will continue as the Spirit moves. Our journeys at times can seem so isolated, but what we’re experiencing is communal in that at one time or another we’re all walking the same path and being guided by the same loving hands. So please continue to keep an eye out on facebook, twitter and instagram as these events unfold, and as always share how the Spirit moves you.

Song of the Month

March Schedule

Beginning Friday, March 01, 2019
Breath… and give thanks!

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