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Hi Friends,

I’m releasing a new single today called ‘He Remembers.’ It was written back in the spring of 2016 and was inspired by a quote from novelist Elise Wisel, ‘God is God because He remembers.’ A free download is available at

He remembers my first breath of air
He remembers because He was there
And still my Maker is with me everywhere
He remembers and He’s with me now

He remembers the first word I said
He remembers what I turned and fled
And still my Father never turned His head
He remembers and He’s with me now

He knows my pulse and the pulse of everything
Every moment ever lived and each created thing
He knows my name and the thoughts that cross my mind
He knows my heart, and the heart of all mankind

He remembers every tear I’ve sown
He remembers when I felt alone
And still my savior has never left me on my own
He remembers and He’s with me now
~ Eddy Mann

Call me, text me, tweet me, message me, email me, write me… we’ve been brought together by God for a reason.

As always, remember you can send an anonymous email to for prayers and encouragement.

Pray on,

 February Notebook

Eddy-Mann-Logo-2L 850x850Well as January ends I’ve settled into my southern digs and have found a relaxed atmosphere to work and play. There’ll continue to be some new music appearing in the next few months as I’m just finishing up some mixing and art work. Inspiration is everywhere here so I don’t suspect that there’ll be a slow down in the offerings.

Of note is that I just finished reading an interesting book called Jesus Asked by Conrad Gempf. It’s a relatively short read, but it opened up some interesting new images for me, like if Jesus were to meet you on the street today he’d be more likely ask you something rather than tell you something. And in response I’ve actually answered a few questions with questions of my own lately.

My newest ministry Homeward Bound has been providing some energetic feedback which is encouraging. The spontaneity of it will take some time to get use to, and the broad avenues of sharing will also be an adjustment to handle. My hope was that this could reach many of you who are at a distance from me, and or don’t have the means to participate at an event in person. It’s my prayer that the live pop-up events will continue to grow in freedom and transparency. And yes, from time to time I may be able to invite some of you to be in house. So continue to keep an eye out on facebook, twitter and instagram as these events journey on.

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February Schedule

Friday, February 01, 2019
‘He Remembers’ Single and Video Release.

More info at


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