When November Falls


Hi Friends,

I hope this finds you with a smile on your face, and peace in your heart. Life zooms by, don’t let anyone tell you anything different. Tomorrow’s just a few breaths away so make the most of what God has set before you today. I’m currently idling through a season of prudence. Slowing things down can be difficult for some of us, but I’m discovering that I kind of like it. The past year or so I’ve really been conscious of enjoying the journey. For some this may be a normality, but for me this has become a learning environment, just ask my wife.

‘Be still and know that I am God…’ (Ps 46:10) has taken on a deeper meaning as I’ve grown to absorb more of the things that have raced by in the past.

This November I encourage you to slow down, and instead of chasing the day, let it come to you.

Call me, text me, tweet me, message me, email me, write me… we’ve been brought together by God for a reason.

As always, remember you can send an anonymous email to for prayers and encouragement.

Pray on,

 November Notebook

Eddy-Mann-Logo-2L 850x850

The October release of Worship in Spirit and Truth has been exciting. I’ve been blessed by the response. I’m humbled that so many of you have found songs that resonated with you. Please continue to converse with me on the social platform of your choice, or in person, as it continues to inspire and strengthen me in my ministry. And if you haven’t already, stop by the website and buy, stream or download a copy. You can also stream or download on all the usual platforms.

I had  great time hanging out in the Worship Cafe on October 18, here’s a link where you can check it out if you missed it.

I’ll be back at it up north Thanksgiving through New Years and would love to see you if you’re in the area.

Song of the Month

When November Falls

November Schedule

Tuesday, November 06, 2018 ‘Carry Me Home’ (Official Lyric Video) Released
Tuesday, November 13, 2018 ‘Once Again Lord’ (Official Lyric Video) Released
Tuesday, November 20, 2018 ‘My Secret Heart’ (Official Lyric Video) Released
Sunday, November 25, 2018 – Truth United Ministries, Hatboro, PA 10:00am

More info at


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