Cowboy in the Badlands


Hi Friends,

As I sense the current season of my life changing, I’m excited about what the future holds. Those of you who know me well, know that I embrace change and find it ever inspiring. I’ve been based in the Mid-Atlantic region for most of my life and am now entering a new season where a beautiful barrier island in south Florida will be called home for seven to eight months a year. Though the change is a pleasant one, it comes with an enormous amount of balancing as there are endless loose ends to tie up. I rest in the knowledge that He shepherds me, and I never am, or will be, in a place of want (Psalm 23:1).

So join me in opening my arms to the future, to all that the summer holds, and to all the blessings that await us.

Call me, text me, tweet me, message me, email me, write me… we’ve been brought together by God for a reason.

As always, remember you can send an anonymous email to for prayers and encouragement.

Pray on,

 June Notebook

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In August we’ll be stopping in at Leesta Vall Sound Recordings to do some direct-to-disk recordings. You can pre-order here! Each recording will be a one-of-a-kind and include a personal message. Check out the link and choose your song(s)!

You can hear what they’ve been saying about Simple Things right here at JamSphere, BeachSloth, No Depression and Mid TN Music.


Song of the Month

June Schedule

More info at


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