Simple Things


Hi Friends,

April, and it’s fools, are here like it or not. Are you one of those practical jokers? I’m not… usually, but I have had my foolish moments over the years. I do know that bringing a smile to someone’s face never grows old, and inspiring laughter in an increasingly dark world always leaves me feeling good.

Solomon wrote that, ‘a joyful heart is good medicine,’ and ‘a glad heart makes a cheerful face.’ That sounds simple doesn’t it? Think about that, it requires very little effort and it’s virtually free. So as the first days of April arrive, let them be filled with smiles, laughter, joy and gladness. Let them deliver good medicine and cheerful faces.

 I’ve found that the simple things in life can be the most rewarding.

It’s my prayer this month that we can find the hidden happiness in the simple things in life, and that we can bring a smile to the faces we meet.

It’s my prayer that the world begins to find it’s way back to him, to allow his embrace to bring comfort, strength, and wisdom, and a vision of a peaceful, loving place to live… the spring of our content.

Call me, text me, tweet me, message me, email me, write me… we’ve been brought together by God for a reason.

As always, remember you can send an anonymous email to for prayers and encouragement.

Pray on,


 April Notebook

Eddy-Mann-Logo-2L 850x850April 03, 2018 will mark the release of my new album Simple Things. I’m excited to present this project and the art work that inspired it. You can check out what they’ve been saying here at JamSphereBeachSlothNo Depressionand Mid TN Music.

April also begins an eight week run of interviews, along with coffeehouse, concert and worship events. I’ll be live in solo, trio and combo settings, I hope to see you all! Check out the calendar below.

This past month blessed me with three 2018 IMEA nominations and an Akademia Award, thanks to everyone who has had a hand in making that happened.

Song of the Month

April Schedule

04/05/18 [Thu] Pop Roxx Radio, Deerfield Beach, FL 7:00pm LIVE Interview!
04/06/18 [Fri] The Well Coffeehouse, Portsmouth, VA 7:00pm (solo)
04/07/18 [Sat] The River Room, Virginia Beach, VA 8:00pm (solo)
04/10/18 [Tue] The Paige Roberts Show, Athens, GA 7:00pm LIVE Interview!
04/14/18 [Sat] S.A.L.T. Glenside, PA 12-4pm (combo)
04/14/18 [Sat] Daniel’s Den Cafe, Pipersville, PA 7:00pm (Worship Circle)
04/15/18 [Sun] Truth United Ministries, Willow Grove, PA 10:00am (solo)
04/22/18 [Sun] Truth United Ministries, Willow Grove, PA 10:00am (solo)
04/27/18 [Fri] Holy Land Christian Theater, Paradise, PA 7:00pm (trio)
04/28/18 [Sat] Holy Land Christian Theater, Paradise, PA 1:00pm (trio)
04/28/18 [Sat] Emmaus Road Cafe, Lancaster, PA 7:00pm (solo)
04/29/18 [Sun] 4th Street Coffeehouse, Columbia, PA 5:00pm (trio)

More info at


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