Recast: Growing Together

We took the day off… we ran away. It’s okay, we’ve been married for twenty-some years now. It’s a good thing!

It didn’t matter that the weather wasn’t perfect. It didn’t matter that we left late. It didn’t matter that we left a few things behind. What mattered was that we were together.

These little getaways have become a staple of our life, the unexpected wake-up-and-take-off moments.

It’s a very cool metamorphosis that’s been occurring over the years. what started out as two different souls has begun to morph into one as we grow older together.

Sure we finish each others sentences, we’ve even started to answer each other before we ask the question. But upon viewing this picture I’ve come to realize that we’ve now begun the process of becoming one body (note the single set of legs under the bench).

We’re growing together, and that’s a good thing!

Pray on,

Originally posted August 05, 2013


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