Recast: Blockages

Are there times when we aren’t aware that there’s a blockage between us and God? It certainly isn’t on His end, but can we amidst our busyness have a spiritual ailment and not know it?

This past week a blockage in our home plumbing was made apparent almost immediately. Grandchildren are quite good at creating such blockages, and then indeed in our case, reporting them. It was an immediate problem that needed immediate attention. It wasn’t the most pleasant of jobs, but one that was quickly remedied once it was made known.

My father just recently discovered a blockage, or two, or three, in his heart. This required a little more intricate work than I was capable of, but was once again an immediate problem that needed immediate attention.

Recently a neighbor of ours lost his life to a blockage of sorts. As he was dinning out, a piece of food lodged in his throat, and the blockage of air cost him his life before it could be removed. Witness another immediate problem that needed to be attended to immediately.

As I ruminate on Luke 8:43-48 and the healing of a woman of faith. I can’t help but wonder about our sense of touch and how we might often fall short of reaching out to God in faith to receive his healing, comforting, clarifying, and powerful love. On this occasion Jesus speaks, without seeing, of the power that has been released from him by a faithful touching hand.

Can a lack of knowledge, lack of trust, lack of faith, or lack of relationship with God cause a blockage of that power? Could it be that we’re unaware of an immediate blockage that needs our immediate attention?

Sure the plumbing was just messy, but my father’s blockage was life threatening, and my neighbor’s life ending. Our five recognized senses are used to relate to each other, and more importantly to our Father in heaven. I’m thinking He created and designed us with those senses to help us to be in relationship with Him. That being the case, we would be well reminded to check all those connections out and to make sure that we’re spiritually healthy.

Pray on,

Originally posted July 13, 2015


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