A Gethsemane Wink

My prayer life is a work in progress. It seems it’s always under construction as I search for a deeper place to connect with God. On my next release, there’s a song called ‘A Gethsemane Wink’ in which I bare a bit of my journey, both the successes and also the shortcomings. After all, being broken means we never arrive and there’s always more work to be done.

I’m a prayer whisperer in need of a Gethsemane wink
~ Eddy Mann

Call me, text me, tweet me, message me, email me, write me… we were brought together by God for a reason.

As always, remember you can send an anonymous email to for prayers and encouragement.

Love you all,
Pray on,

October Notes

#LS Cover* 1Over the weeks to come, I’ll be releasing songs from a new project called ‘Love Strands.’ The seeds of this album can be traced back to the spring of 2015 when I was experiencing a season of despair. In that moment of waiting, I was awakened to some of the most beautiful strands of love. As is my way, those sweet images and memories usually get shared through the mediumĀ of song. In this case, they make up the body of this work. It’s a genuine blessing to be able to share them, even if it’s one at a time.

Now go, and play nice!

Song of the Month

Winter Run ’19

Friday, December 06, 2019 – New Song Cafe, Mays Landing, NJ
Saturday, December 07, 2019 – Souled Out Basement, Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, December 15, 2019 – Hope Community Church, King of Prussia, PA
Saturday, January 10, 2020 – Lifegate Coffeehouse, Somers Point, NJ
More info at


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