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Deliver Me

The second release from the ‘Endurance’ album; a collection of sung prayers.
Photo Credit: Eddy Mann

Available at © 2019

O Lord, that I might live and breath childlike
That I might see through the veil of prestige
That I would be dewy-eyed and candid
Deliver me from myself

O Lord, forgive my scanty and meager ways
So that I may walk the road to true peace
Humbly I pray these words before You
Deliver me from myself

Pour upon me the cleansing love that flows to self-forgetfulness
That I may know a life of rest and calm
Lay upon me the hands of healing that touch the soul of the blind
That I may see a man of meekness

O Lord, hear my prayer of loss and weakness
Hear what burdens lay heavy on my heart
Hear the voice that speaks from deep in my soul
Deliver me from myself

© 2011 Eddy Mann


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