Pray on!

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Hey friends, this is going to sound familiar at first, but I promise it’ll end differently. I’m recording a new worship album and it’s on my heart to invite you to become a partner in prayer with me. That’s it! Just partner with me in prayer.

Pray over the writing. Pray over the message. Pray over the musicians, Pray over the engineers, Pray over the equipment, Pray over the promotion. Pray over the expenses. And most of all pray that it touches those that He wants it to touch.

2 Corinthians reveals that when we pray together, the church prays. If the church prays,TWA Cover 1 then each and every portion of the project will be covered, and that would bless my heart greatly.

Pray with me whether it’s once a month, once a week, or once a day. However the Spirit leads, pray.

The worship project is a call to a prayer campaign, instead of a financial pledge campaign, a call to pray for the project as community, a community that collectively represents the wisdom of God.

Nothing would bless this project more than your prayers.

If you haven’t signed up to the email list as of yet, now is the perfect time. Sign up and receive updates and free mp3s as the project moves forward. I’d be blessed to share what your partnership is creating. Click here!

So don’t Go Fund Me, Go Pray For Me!

Love you all!

Pray on,



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